Amazing Leadership In Foster Care

The McCrae House recognizes Patrice Perry​.

She is the engine that keeps The McCrae House running and deserves to be recognized for her hard work, expertise, and caring heart.  Patrice graduated from the University of South Florida specializing in English studies and Criminal Justice.  Her post graduation work experience with Miami Dade County as a Courtroom Clerk, Adoption Clerk, and Case Manager has led to her development in the areas of teaching, leadership, administration, and an amazing work ethic.

Patrice was also the Director of female sports for the Greater Miami Youth and Community, Inc. and the Dance Coordinator for the Miami Youth Hurricanes.  The McCrae House is honored to have her leadership and recognizes her hard work and efforts.  She has been instrumental in our initial establishment and also in the daily management of our children.  The essential contributions that she has made produces growth and productivity; furthermore, her caring and loving heart makes The McCrae House feel like home.

Patrice Perry is wonderful blessing and highly honored.