There is a poverty that goes deeper than the desire for material possessions and far deeper than the pain of hunger.

It is emotional, spiritual, and psychological.  The poverty of the soul, mind and spirit is unchecked going on behind

closed doors destroying the most innocent victims:  Our Children

The McCrae House works as a solution providing emotional, psychological, and social support

and counseling for our troubled youths.

Our Vision is Simple

To assist tragedy based or behaviorally challenged teenage girls during their transition from girlhood to a successful womanhood.   

Our Founding Mission

To impact the life of teenage females through the use of positive parenting, a supportive and nurturing family environment and the teaching of values important for successful independent living.

These values include the development of team spirit, honesty, positive self-esteem, self respect, self confidence, excellence, and Christian principles.

Located in Hillsborough County Florida, we offer a suburban setting while providing activities to develop the social, spiritual, emotional and academic enrichment of our girls.

We are dedicated to restoring the joy in the lives of teen girl’s ages 13 – 17 years of age. We provide residential care for abused, neglected, abandoned and drug exposed children in a home-like setting.

Our goal is to restore the emotional and physical well being of children through an array of services in a loving and nurturing environment.

Our model is unlike your typical shelter or facility occasionally discussed by the Media. The home is staffed with loving child advocates and supportive caregivers.

We are more than a group home for kids


We provide an environment where children can flourish, discover themselves, and grow

Changing Perceptions

Social casework services by credentialed counselors are provided at The McCrae House Inc., Girls will have a unique service plan developed to meet their individual needs. The plan will include additional counseling, psychological testing and evaluation, and medical services available through community resources.

A consistent, well-structured environment characterized by a healthy balance of discipline, recreation, and education, outdoors and in-house chores, spiritual guidance and character development are all necessary ingredients.

Creative Solutions

The McCrae House Inc. offers a positive alternative to a negative lifestyle for abused and troubled teens, a way to give those kids a second chance, a way to redirect them and provide positive role models and socially acceptable ways for recognizing and dealing with life’s uncertain pressures.

Provided is a healthy, wholesome, family-centered environment in a normal home like setting. Offered are opportunities for reflection on behavior and the exploration of possible consequences for inappropriate behavior.